Machines for the production of Arancini Siciliani, Rice Balls and Rice Croquettes

Machines for the forming of products made of rice

Automatic Machine - model AM1200A

This type of equipment has been especially designed for the production of “Arancini Siciliani”.

However, many other typical products can be realized: rice croquetterice balls, etc.

The range proposed by STOCCO IMPIANTI includes the following two machines:

-           AM1200A: automatic model, 1200 pcs/hour (read more...)

-           AM250M: semi-automatic model, 250 pcs/hour (read more...)

These machines have been developed with the direct collaboration of the masters of Sicilian gastronomy, whose suggestions have allowed to reach an exceptional level of quality. The final product fully respects the rules imposed by Sicilian tradition. In particular, through a patented system, the complete integrity of rice is guaranteed. Moreover the final product looks the same of the handmade “Arancino” and it preserves all the qualities.



The “Arancino siciliano” is a specialty of Sicilian cuisine. It consists of a cone or a ball made of rice, stuffed with several ingredients (meat sauce, peas, mozzarella and ham, etc..) and then breaded and fried.

The “Arancino” is a very versatile product that can be stuffed with various fillings, including sweet ones.