Croissant lines

Machines for croissants production

Croissant Line K150

The range of machines for croissants production consists of two models depending on maximum hourly production: K50 enables a production of 5.000-6.000 pieces/hour, K150 enables a production of 15.000-16.000 pieces/hour.

K50 and K150 are both manufactured to satisfy the needs of workshops, shopping centers and industrial pastry-shops.

K50 and K150 allow a continuous production. Indeed, gauging rollers automatically join togheter various puff pastries. Electronic variation of cutting speed allows a quicker and effective adjustment during each change of croissants size.

The functioning of croissant machines is very simple.

First of all the puff pastry, which is wrapped around the rolling pin, is positioned on the conveyor belt at the entrance. Soon after the thickness of the dough is adjusted through the passage under the gauging rollers. At this time the phase of the cut begins. Dough-triangles are cut in two stages in order to prevent the dough sticking to the rotary blade. Then triangles are automatically carried to the curling units for croissants molding.

The product is gently rolled up as if the operation was handmade.

It is not necessary to dust the flour. In this way an higher quality is obtained.

Thanks to lateral scrapers, scraps are collected into a container and they can be incorporated in the next puff pastry. 

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