Injecting machines

Universal lines for dosing and syringing

Injecting machine model IM400 -

The injecting machine is a universal line which offers an high versatility since it allows both the syringing of baked products on preformed trays, both the dosage on trays (preformed or not).

This type of machinery is also highly customizable according to the requests and needs of each customer.

Firstly, there are different models of depositor: pump with pistons, metering pump with gears and screw depositor. The best dosage is therefore guaranteed whatever the consistency of the product to be dosed or syringed is.

Secondly, the machine is adaptable according to the size of trays.

Furthermore, the injecting machine is equipped with needles cylinder head for the filling or with a collector and valves for adjusting the dosage.

The range proposed by STOCCO IMPIANTI consists of two models, that can be customized as described earlier:

IM150:

- IM400: read more…