The company STOCCO IMPIANTI S.r.l. is specialized in the construction of machineries for pastry shops and bakeries. More specifically, the range proposed for the pastry industry is composed of the following products: forming machines for the production of croissantsmake up tablesinjection machines and metering pumps.

On the other hand, concerning the bakery industry, STOCCO IMPIANTI builds automatic lines for the processingof yeast dough with an high level of hydratation (as "ciabatta" bread) and lines for the processing of bread obtainable from divider-rounders.

The construction of special machines according to customer specifications has great importance. 

Because of STOCCO IMPIANTI S.r.l. is equipped with machines tool and it has a well-established experience in mechanical engineering trade, the whole process from design to realization of the final product is handled internally and it's followed carefully. in this way high quality and efficiency are guaranteed.

STOCCO IMPIANTI is always careful to satisfy market requests and specific  needs of each customer with the proposal of fully customized solutions.