Belt breading machines

Automatic machines for breading fresh or frozen products

Automatic machines for breading fresh or frozen products. 
Two models are available: PAN250 and PAN400, depending on the desired capacity.
PAN250 is suitable for craft production, which does not require high quantities of product.
PAN400 is suitable for medium/large laboratories. It is also suitable for continuous production as it can be combined with other machineries.

Standard equipment available in both models:
- ­Feed speed of the product conveyor belt from 6 to 20 meters per minute
- Belt speed adjustable through gearmotor and inverter
- The bread is kept in circulation by a vertical screw conveyor with a diameter of 130 mm and an openable hexagonal casing. The lower basin acts as a bread feeder, the upper one supplies the product with the bread.
- The quantity of bread is adjustable through a mechanical door
- Structure in stainless steel and other materials compatible with the "food machinery directives"
- Control panel in stainless steel



Production - 100 kg/h
Working width 250 mm 400 mm
Length 1300 mm 2400 mm
Pump features Adjustable speed pump Adjustable open impeller pump
Static filter for separating lumps no yes
Blower for removing the excess of bread from above the products no yes
Elimination of lumps or processing waste in a removable container no yes
Height 1500 mm 1500 mm
Width 500 mm 920 mm
Weight - 250 kg
Voltage - 400V - 3ph + N + T
Power - 1,2 kW


* Due to our policy of continuous improvement and development, we reserve the right to change the technical data of the machines at any time, without notice.