Company STOCCO IMPIANTI SRL has developed a thirty-year experience in pastry and bakery machines manufacturing. The company was born originally as manufacturer and supplier of mechanical components for other pastry machines manufacturers. Then, it specialized in the production of its own line of machinery, introducing make-up tables and croissant machines at first. Other kind of machines have been introduced over the years in order to improve the range of products, such as injecting machines, depositors, industrial lines and other automations like the automatic rack loaders. Furthermore, a great importance is given to the construction of custom-made machines. STOCCO IMPIANTI S.r.l. in fact has always been careful to satisfy market requests and the specific needs of each customer, proposing highly customized solutions.


3D design programs and simulations

The whole design phase is handled internally.
Using the most advanced 3D design programs, during the design phase are carried out:
- kineto-dynamic simulations on the machine
- sizing of the machine by FEM Analysis

It means that all the checks can be carried out on the prototype, even before it is built.

state-of-the-art technology


The company has CNC machine-tools, which are state-of-the-art machines in the mechanical sector and run by “Industry 4.0” software. Inside the production department, there are horizontal and vertical multi-pallet machining centers and last-generation turning centers. There is also a fully equipped temperature-controlled metrology room with a three-dimensional CMM. Therefore, STOCCO IMPIANTI manages the entire production process of its machineries internally, ensuring both high quality and reliability.

at disposal for assistance and customer-care service

The machines, once ready, are mechanically tested before being shipped. Then, the installation is performed at the customer's site by the technicians. Finally, the sales office is at the complete disposal of the customer for after-sales services and customer-care assistance.