Pastry-Line Eco

Semi-automatic line for pastry production

Pastry-line ECO allows to produce in a semi-automatic way several types of products (both sweet and savoury) made of puff pastry, yeast dough and Danish pastry. Indeed, the product has to be finished by hand. This solution is suitable for small artisan workshops.

Pastry-Line ECO has:

- Frame made of stainless steel and anodized aluminium
- Conveyor belt with anti-microbes & silver ions treatment
- Adjustable speed through inverter
- Lateral scraps removal system
- Double cutting station
- Tilting belt for an easy cleaning
- System for the quick release of the accessories
- ON/OFF controls


Technical features

Length on customer's demand 2200 - 3200 - 3700 - 4200 mm
Height 900 mm
Table width 696 mm
Belt width 650 mm
Belt speed 0-6 m/min
Power (table) 0,37 kW
Voltage 400V 50Hz / 220V 60Hz