Pastry-Line Maxi

Automatic line for pastry production

Pastry-line MAXI allows to achieve several types of products (both sweet and savoury) made of puff pastry, yeast dough and Danish pastry.

These machines are versatile and highly customizable, according to the specific needs of the customer and based on the features of the products that have to be produced. Additional accessories (if required) can be added also at a later time.

The change of production can be performed in a few minutes, just placing on the line the needed accessories. Pastry-lines include a large amount of versions built in order to satisfy the specific needs of each customer.

Pastry Line MAXI has:

- Frame made of stainless steel and anodized aluminium
- Conveyor belt with anti-microbes & silver ions treatment
- Adjustable speed through inverter
- Lateral scraps removal system
- Touch screen control panel with PLC able to manage the whole line
- Programs storage
- Double cutting station
- Chance to provide the guillotine with a die as well
- Tilting belt for an easy cleaning
- System for the quick release of the accessories


Pastry-lines MAXI can be equipped with
a multitude of accessories according to the product to be produced:

- gauging unit,
- depositors,
- flour dusters and sugar dispensers,
- seeds/raisins dispensers,
- folding units,
- humidifiers,
- device for the scraps removal,
- winding rolls,
- electric or pneumatic guillotines, equipped with blade or die
- cutting rollers and decorating rollers,
- automatic panning

Gauging Unit

The gauging unit allows to carry out a final check on the dough, ensuring a constant thickness. Moreover, it allows to work continuously since it ensures a perfect connection between the various pieces of dough, that are attached one by one by passing through the gauging rollers.

Furthermore, there are various customizations that can be made on the gauging unit. For example, the customer can eventually choose the length of the entry belt if an out-of-standard dimension is required. Finally, insertion gauging roller and groups of multiple gauging rollers are also available, in order to meet the needs of all our customers.


The customer can choose between various models of depositors, depending on the features of the filling that has to be dosed.

The range of depositors includes:
- Gear depositor: represents the cheapest solution. It’s the perfect solution for fillings that do not present any problems in dosing, such as creams and jams without pieces. This depositor is equipped with adjustable nozzles and different collectors can be easily installed.
- Depositor with screw and depositor with pistons: they represent the most versatile solution. These types of depositors ensure a perfect dosage and high precision. They are suitable for dosing all types of fillings, especially those one containing pieces (chopped fruit, veggies, etc.).
- Depositors and extruders for special applications: we provide our experience to ensure the best solution.



Length on customer's demand 4200 - 5800 - 7700 mm
Height 900 mm
Table width 696 mm
Belt width 650 mm
Belt speed 0-6 m/min
Power (table) 0,37 kW
Voltage 400V - 50Hz / 220V - 60 Hz